Instalment One Hundred and Sixty One

A 200 Word Story Sponsored Content Feature

Nondescript, unremarkable and unmarketable?

Not a problem!

Good but not great?

Your product need be second best no more, it can be second better.

What if we told you that marketing isn’t for you.

Traditional advertising agencies happily take your money to deliver campaigns that are “just fine for what you are selling.”

We are no traditional advertising agency – we’re something new.

Your leg up might just be having the other guy stumble.

Introducing the Avertising Agency.

Q. What is avertising?
A. Simple, rather than drawing attending to your product we draw it away from your competitors.
Q. Isn’t that just negative or attacking advertising?
A. No, we don’t attack your competition, we just diminish the attention they receive.
Q. How does it work?
A. From the tried and true  “look over there,” model to “oooo a shiny thing,” we have a range of campaigns tailored to not suit the needs of your competition.
Q. If it works so well, why are you advertising?
A. Have you heard of another avertising agency? No we averted them, proof our work works!

We make distraction all action.

- Out of sight, out of mind.

Instalment One Hundred and Sixty

In the Forest of Nidus, the Gruntle trundled along a wooded path, merrily mumbling.
The Gruntle had never met another Gruntle, nor had anyone else, so did not truly know if it was a Gruntle or the Gruntle. Such loneliness would have made another creature sad, but nothing much bothered the Gruntle’s good mood. Such was the Gruntle.
Down the forest path the Gruntle saw some friends, the twins Couth and Kempt. “Good day dear Gruntle,” said Couth as Kempt doffed its hat. Just then, up popped the Ert, never in the same place twice, the Ert was always on adventures. “I think I’ve found a way out of the Forest,” the Ert said excitedly, “Come follow me.” And so they did.

The thing about the Forest was while you could go to and fro you couldn’t get there from here. Their there and our here was separated by the Forest of Nidus. The journey changed them as journeys do. The path was overgrown and the Forest hacked and scratched our intrepid wanderers. Nidus took the Gruntle’s mood, left the twin a mess and sapped Ert’s enthusiasm. Nidus marked them each with a part of itself, Dis, Un and In.

Instalment One Hundred and Fifty Nine

Really it’s too fancy to call it a Time Machine, that’s a big call, claiming I invented a Time Machine. You couldn’t just go willy-nilly back and forth. Think of it as a bread crumb trail, not from A to B but from 1 to 2, or more impressively from 2 back to 1. That is all it could do.

But you had to start the bread crumbs, constantly dropping them unbroken in the same spot up until you want to go back to when you started dropping crumbs.

A path through time. Fantastic and fantastical limited.

Shit it pissed people off.

“Couldn't you invent a good time machine?”
“I’m gonna go back to a time I wasn’t massively disappointed by this huge piece of crap.”

Like I owed them something more . Until businesses started up. Creating breadcrumb trails, the longer the trail the greater the cost.
 Only they went broke because when people fixed something in the past they didn’t need to use the service in the present.

All in all it was just easier to try and get your life right the first time around, which is why you’ve not heard of me inventing a Time Machine.

Instalment One Hundred and Fifty Eight

There was a time when I couldn’t wait till the end of the week. I loved working five days because those five days led to the best night of the week. It was our night, my girl and I. Date Night.
Look after her I did, fine wine and wine dinning, drinks and dancing, we painted the town red every god damn Friday night. 

Young and in love. We couldn’t get enough of each other. I would fly through the week, bulletproof, just to get to those precious hours. You only get 52 of ‘em in a year, they can’t be wasted.

Glory days they were.

It’s more of a battle now, the days are longer but less time to rest. By the time I reach Friday it’s all i can do to make it onto the couch. Same goes for her. Both exhausted. But still in love. Just tired. So very tired. Friday could no longer push us out the door. But we still put aside one night a month, to relive old times. Not so big, not so bold, baby sitter booked in advance.

And that is how the night after Friday got its name. Sadder Date Night.

Instalment One Hundred and Fifty Seven

She had to break up with Apostrophe, he was too possessive. And so Full Stop put an end to their relationship, it was over, period.

“You always do this, don’t you know?” her girlfriend Question asked. 

“Don’t you see how you are always looking for the smallest fault to use as a reason to escape from all these guys?”

“You said it yourself last time, you said “I can’t keep finding an excuse to finish things off,” that’s what you said,” declared Quote.

Their Sunday brunches were always like this.

Which is why they were so taken back when Full Stop got back together with Exclamation, who she had dumped a year ago.

“This is not like you at all, are you feeling okay?”

“Don’t you remember telling us you were “tired of all the surprises”?”

They were right in their incessant interrogations and recitations, it never lasted, she killed it off quick smart.

But then she found one, one she couldn’t quite find a way to bring to an end. He wouldn’t take no for an answer.

“You’re in love right?”

“You said I could be Maid of Honour, you promised.”

Full Stop and Ellipsis just were too alike...